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Patient Rights & In-Home Healthcare

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When it comes to long-term care, it’s important for patients to know their rights and make sure they’re treated with dignity and respect.

That’s why the National Consumer Voice has designated October as Residents’ Rights Month. Throughout the month, long-term residents and their advocates are encouraged to speak up and make sure their care provider is meeting their rights and needs as set forth by the federal Nursing Home Reform Law.

Residents’ rights include:

  • Right to be fully informed
  • Right to complain
  • Right to participate in one’s own care
  • Right to privacy and confidentiality
  • Rights during transfers and discharges
  • Right to dignity, respect and freedom
  • Right to visits
  • Right to make independent choices

While this observance typically focuses on people receiving inpatient care, the professionals at ProHealth know that these tenets are just as important for people receiving in-home health care. You can learn more about residents’ rights here.

We take the health and rights of our patients seriously. Our clinicians do everything possible to provide the best quality in-home care available in Northwest Ohio.

Our staff is dedicated, compassionate and committed to understanding each patient’s needs and protecting their dignity.

Contact us today for information about in-home healthcare services or to learn how to become an inpatient facility partner.



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