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Gift Ideas for Seniors

By : on : December 15, 2017 comments : (Comments Off on Gift Ideas for Seniors)

Do you struggle to come up with thoughtful but practical gifts for your senior loved ones? We do, too! Here are some ideas from the ProHealth Partners team to make holiday shopping for the older adults in your life a little easier.

Classic candy treats

Let them relive their childhood and order them a box of candy that contains brands that were popular when your loved one was a child. Sites such as let you order a box of sweets that contain classic treats from each decade of the 1900s.


Your metabolism slows down as you age, which can reduce the amount of heat your body produces. That’s what makes blankets a practical gift idea for most seniors. If your loved one is in a wheelchair, make sure you get a lap blanket that reduces the risk of getting caught in the wheels.

Compression socks

If you’re loved one has poor circulation in their legs, consider getting them a pair of compression socks. It may not seem like a fun gift, but it’s certainly useful.

Gifts that prevent stooping down

Plugging in the Christmas tree or picking up a pet’s food dish can be difficult for someone who has trouble bending over. Consider gifts that will make like easier for them such as this wireless Christmas tree remote or the easy to reach pet bowl holder.


An Amazon Echo, cellphones for seniors and easy to use computers are some items that can help seniors stay connected with technology and loved ones.



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